January 2020

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The name given to the month of ‘January’ is derived from the ancient Roman name ‘Janus’ who presided over the gate to the new year. He was revered as the ‘God of Gateways’, ‘Doorways’ and of the ‘Journey.’ Janus protected the “Gate of Heaven’, known as the ‘Lord of Beginnings’, is associated with the ‘Goddess Juno-Janus’, and often symbolism can easily be associated with the month known by many as a start of a new year which brings new opportunities. We cast out the old and welcome in the new. It is the time when many reflect on events of the previous year and often resolve to redress or improve some aspect of daily life or personal philosophy.

Those born in January are lucky to have the beautiful and diverse garnet as their birthstone. Garnets are commonly red but also come in an extraordinary range of beautiful colors, including orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green. There are even garnets that change color from blue to purple in different lighting. Some believe the true value of the garnet birthstone is its power to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness.

Sunday, January 26, 2020 is the date for Bridges to host their 27th annual ice fishing contest, looking like the ice will be ready and looking forward to this event as always. The bar will open at 10am, where you can register. Contest will be held on Lake Nebagamon from 11:30am-3:30pm with a $10 entry fee, 100% payback. Remember all ages are welcome to join in. Food and prizes at Bridges at 4pm, must be present to win.

Light up the Lake Contest
Congratulations to the Winners this year and thank you to all of those that participated in another event that grows each year. This year was especially tough with our snowy conditions and the weight of the snow on those trees… A special thank you to those that drove around to look at the views and contribute to “voting”…
Thank you to Benson Electric for prize donations.

1st Place Levine’s Home
2nd Place Peterson’s Home
3rd Place Haralson’s Home

Sunday Church Services:
St Anthony Catholic Church.Worship, 11am
Trinity Lutheran Church.Worship, 9am
Lake Nebagamon First Presbyterian.Worship,….11am (coffee fellowship at 10:15am)
House of Hope Church.Worship, 10:30am
Hawthorne Assembly of God, Worship ….10:30am (Sunday School 9:30am)

MISSION STATEMENT: To welcome new businesses, community groups and citizens of Lake Nebagamon, Wi to participate in the promotion of the community. Our objective is to work together to inform Lake Nebagamon, Wi area of local news. MEETINGS: We meet the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:00pm at local area businesses. Everyone is welcome.


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St. Anthony Church vintage quilting group meets the first Monday each month at 10am. Come join our group and see what we have to offer.

New year, new decade, new ownership at Vee’s Marketing

Jason Vee, who started in sales at Vee’s Marketing in 2006 and became president of the company in July 2018, is now sole owner of the operation. Jason announced to us this week that he is “100 percent owner and CEO of Vee’s Marketing,” a brokerage founded by Jason’s father, Scott, 30 years ago. Jason said, “Scott and I came to an agreement a few weeks ago, and he sold all of the shares to me on Jan. 1.” Acknowledging his dad’s hard work and determination to make company, now located in Superior, WI, a success, Jason said, “Scott started Vee’s Marketing in the basement of our home in Lake Nebagamon, WI, in 1990. He ran it successfully for 29 years and sold it for a profit when he was finished. All three of those things are great lifetime achievements.” Now in its 30th year, Vee’s Marketing Inc. is a year-round provider of onions for U.S. and Canadian retail and food service customers, sourcing from growing areas across North America and shipping yellows, reds, whites and sweets. Jason told us back in 2017 the company’s long-term goal is to keep pace with the changing industry and adapt to its demands. When he came on as a salesman in 2006, Jason had served in the Marine Corps for four years before spending four more years at UW-Madison, where he earned a degree in economics. Seven years after he became part of Vee’s Marketing team, his sister, Angie Sapik, also joined the family company. For a number of years the team was made up of Scott, Jason, Angie, And John Alstrup and longtime salesman Robert Anderson, who retired in 2016. While Vee’s initially brokered apples, onions, fruits and vegetables, it began specializing in onions and potatoes. Jason explained in 2017 that it was “after building relationships with onion shippers and onion customers that Scott started to narrow his focus on onions. At that time, moving only onions put Vee’s Marketing on the same playing field as much larger companies in that commodity. It was smart and very effective.” Of course, the industry changed significantly in the three decades Scott was at the helm of Vee’s – not only in technology but also in philosophy and pace. Jason said when he started in sales, he and his dad each had two phones on their desks.

“There was hustle. It was fast and fun,” he said. These days most business is done by email and text, and Jason said he receives well over 100 emails a day. Back in 2017, before the move to Superior, Jason spoke of expansion and noted, “I’m absolutely looking to open new offices. We are a Midwest company. Strategically, it would make sense to take on people that can help us expand further into South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. We do a fair amount of Canadian business as well, [so] a Canadian office isn’t out of the realm of possibility… I’m not actively recruiting, but my door is open to anyone already in onions or potatoes that strategically makes sense.”

Our congratulations to Jason, whose new role fits like a glove, and to Scott, who we hope is happily pursuing new adventures with the same enthusiasm he used at Vee’s Marketing for 30 years.

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This year the newsletter will be coming a bit later then in the past, as the Village Board meets the first Tuesday of each month. When that meeting is held, and all minutes are approved the newsletter will print these monthly and attach with our community newsletter to keep as much information for our residents with easy access to keep informed. As always, it takes a Village.