November/December 2021

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Lake Nebagamon Post Office:
The first Post Office in Lake Nebagamon was opened in 1893.  J.A. Chisholm was postmaster in 1921. Ludy Drolson started as clerk in 1921. The post office was then in front of Mr. Chisholm’s store. In 1934 Earl Persons became postmaster and Viola Persons became clerk, moving the post office across the street.
Our current Postmaster recently received an email sharing some history.

NCA MEETING: December 21 @ 6pm @Gopher Hole
NCA MEETING: January 19 @ 6pm @Bridges
NCA MEETING: February 15 @ 6pm @Dockside

We are always looking for volunteers or those willing to come to meeting to keep our events alive.

In the latter part of 1937, Ludy Drolson became acting postmaster until he was commissioned as postmaster in November of 1937. Several people were postal clerks until the middle of 1941 when
Evelyn Drolson became clerk, remaining as such until 1963.

In May of 1952, Mr. Drolson retired as postmaster to become rural mail carrier after the death of Elmer Oaks and William Arnold became postmaster and was such in the old post office for 13 years.

In May if 1966, the post office was moved into a new building, the former showrooms of Vennerstrom’s Ford Inc. Mr. Arnold had been the postmaster in this office for at least 10 years.  Mr. Ludy Drolson retired from the postal service November 20, 1964, after 40 years of service. The rural route began as 53 miles long. Current 2021 data says the rural route is now 140 miles long.  After Mrs. Drolson retired, there were several different clerks, among them Pearl Finell, working the longest number of years.

History Information from History of Nebagamon book written by Catherine Coletta, copies available by calling JoAnne @ (218) 390-1832

Currently, we have Deb Gilroy as our postmaster, Kamie Wiss and Jessica Saker are the clerks.

Lake Nebagamon has 2 routes, 1 route delivers 95 miles and the other route delivers 50 miles. (140 miles total). Lake Nebagamon carriers are Jim Burgraff and Bob Cheever. Lake Nebagamon has
Paul Mattson to deliver in Poplar, and Rachel Lind to deliver Maple. Lake Nebagamon is lucky to have relief carriers, Janet Dokken, Ashley Zakowitz and Jennifer Dokken.  As our weather is turning into winter, let this also be a reminder to make sure your mailboxes are secure and kept free of snow to allow our carriers to be able to get your mail to your home. Below are guidelines for setting up your mailboxes and the village ordinance to comply with the privilege of receiving mail. Also remember as the snow gets heavier and plow drivers are clearing the road, remember accidents will happen but they will do all efforts to make sure roads are safe and clear and sometimes snow will fly into the sides of road and knock over your mailbox. Be kind and work together to keep your properties safe for these plow drivers and mail carriers.

NCA MEETINGS~ We are keeping our meetings at local businesses, to support them and to welcome anyone to come join in to help set up the upcoming events. If you have any interest, care to volunteer, just want to give some feedback on what you would like to see then please join us (President David Dinda~ Vice President Mike Ross ~ Secretary Lindsey Wilson~ Treasurer Patti Coughlin): Third Tuesday each Month Dec 21 Jan 19 Feb 15

Thank you for all the volunteers to help carry on our traditional and new traditional Halloween parties. On Saturday we had a “Spooktacular Scary Haunted Ship” at a local resident’s home, Mike Ross. Many thanks to him for welcoming all those ghosts, goblins and witches to his property for treats, bonfires and smores. Special thanks to Kryssi, Krud and Damien for the scary end of the trail, haunted woods. Laverne (witch) and Dennis (Mike Myers) for making sure the kids were greeted before and during their walk. Dave (Reaper) for being at the entrance to direct everyone.  Toni and Walter for passing out candy. Our zip line cackling witch, Kally for entertaining the littles and keeping us gazing to the sky. Ann and Patti for the keeping the fires aglow and the smore table going until we ran out.

Sunday, we started all over and so much thanks sent to Tom and Ann for decorating and setting up the auditorium. The kids that came were able to enjoy the treats at each game station, thank you to the volunteers that helped at these stations: Dave, Lindsey, Ann, Mike, Alyssa, Damien, Donna, Gretchen, and to the food stand~ thank you Mary and Pam for keeping up on the hot dogs and walking tacos. These events take so many people to make the fun happen and the generosity of the donations of candy, food etc. We have all taken notes on how we will continue to add to next
year’s event.

As in prior years we are planning our tree lighting for Nebagamon and as we finalize the details, we will spread the word via Facebook and posters at the local establishments. Save the date Sunday December 5, 2021.

We will continue the fundraising efforts for the 2022 Fireworks with our annual Spaghetti Feed and Chinese Auction Fundraiser at the auditorium on Saturday January 22.

MISSION STATEMENT: To welcome new businesses, community groups and citizens of Lake Nebagamon, Wi to participate in the promotion of the community. Our objective is to work together to inform Lake Nebagamon, Wi area of local news.

DONATIONS: If you would like to donate paper so we may continue to have our newsletter contact the village office (715-374-3101) or Patti Coughlin at Dockside (715-374-2334). If you are interested in receiving an email copy of the newsletter monthly send request in email to:

Billy Harvey’s Brush Dump is Open!
In order to allow village residents to appropriately handle yard debris the Village Board has renewed the agreement with Billy Harvey. The brush dump will be open for Lake Nebagamon residents until May of 2022. This is for vegetative debris ONLY.
7950 S County Road S
Turn up the hill by the old Budweiser truck
For more information, call Billy Harvey at 715-817-0249.

Thank you to the local business’ here that support and help the NCA with printing expenses for our monthly newsletter. Please support our community.

Have you been on the NEW AND IMPROVED village website? What a great update and so easy to navigate around. The Village Board meets the SECOND Tuesday of each month. As always, it takes a Village.

The can trailer has been relocated to the fire department parking lot. Please drop your cans off and a huge thank you to all donations as this fundraising account helps to supplement the purchase  of fire and medical equipment and gear to keep our community safe.  Our Member of the Month is Halie Makela!