May 2021

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St. Anthony Catholic Church in Lake Nebagamon, Wi. In September of 2020 Maria Lockwood did an article to announce the building project, to break ground on a new church, attached to the new parish hall.

The building they will be replacing dates back to 1900, with a basement addition in 1953. A capital campaign was launched in December for this $600,000 project and by April they had the support needed to complete it. The parish family really came behind the project quickly and decisively and how exciting to be able to offer a space for people to gather as a church and serve the larger and ever-growing community.

An article in the “Nebagamon Enterprise” the early local newspaper, tells us that the Catholic community did not wait for a building in order to have services. Mass was first held on October 18, 1899 at the home of a Mr. Robinson. It was then held in the school while plans were made for a building on land donated by W.B. Carlin of the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Co. The site is on Broadway (Highway B) overlooking the lake.

    • First mass in the new church was celebrated, Father Boyce was pastor at this time.
    • Two baptisms took place this first year, performed by Father N. Kieffer. John Anderson Fisher (Son of James and Mathilda Anderson) and Grace Rosel Derausaer (Daughter of Joseph Derausaer and Maria DeMar)
    • 1903 The church was enclosed with a fence and a 600-pound bell was installed. The new bell is a good thing as it calls on Catholic friends reminding them of their Sunday duties.
    • 1904 A fine new alter was purchased for nearly $200. Early parishioners remember the main high altar as being of light varnished wood with a thin line of gold trim.
    • The statue of St. Anthony, the patron saint, has been in the church for as long as anyone can remember.
    • 1910 Sawmills ceased operation. The community suffered a great decline.
    • 1918 Only two families remained in the parish and for years following, only a few masses were performed each year.
    • 1940 Mass returned to being said every Sunday. The church was heated by two black pot-belly stoves at the front of the sanctuary.
    • 1953 A full basement was put in under the church and oil heating was installed. Catechism classes were organized that year and were taught by Grace Larson, Irene Bridge and Mary Hall.
    • 1969 St. Anne Church in Blueberry merged with St. Anthony bringing in people from Brule, Poplar, Lakeside, Cloverland, Wentworth, Maple and Highland. As well as summer residents throughout the area.
    • 1971 The first parish council was formed (Edward Marcuk, the first council president). Consisting of six adults, a student representative, and the president of the altar society (a non-voting member).
    • 1975 First confirmation class was conferred, by Monsignor Alphonse Kress, who represented Bishop George Hammes.
    • 1976 Diamond Jubilee celebration to observe the 75th anniversary of the church. All former pastors, parishioners, and the community were invited to join with HIS Excellency, the Most Reverend George A. Hammes, Bishop of the Diocese of Superior, in an Anniversary Mass.
    • 1980-1993 The status of St. Anthony Church became uncertain with the death of Fr. Thomas Reibold. Leaving the congregation in mourning with growing concern for the viable future.
    • 1994-1996 Fr. Vincent Bromley was appointed Pastor. St. Anthony was now part of a cluster of four parishes comprised of Lake Nebagamon, Solon Springs, Gordon and Minong.
    • 1996 Lake Nebagamon parish clustered with St. Anthony in Superior, and Fr. Dean Buttrick was assigned our pastor.
      • Gratefully there is a need to acknowledge many priests that have helped served our church throughout the years: Hermann, Bruillard, Gerkovids, Jazdzewski, Pilon, Charron, Habrake, Savageau, Fagan, Kinney, Nowack, Prock, Shaney, Fries, Weber, Owens, Annabring, Husnick, Theorosius, Krembs, Zukaitis, Kress, Rivard, Klister, Shermon, Behen, Swadzich, Schlaemez, Ludwig, McDermott, Tracy, Kelchak, Meyett, Torkildson, Wiedner, Rush, Usas, Regh, Helsin, Schoone, Brost, Speerstra, Carey, Paul, Stremski, Oberts, McGrath, Inna, Willger, Flaherty and Lusson
    • St. Anthony has had the wonderful energy blessed upon us from Fr. Andrew Ricci, from Vicar to bringing our church to where it is today. His strong leadership has helped guide many new assignments and training including Fr. Laski and Fr. Neuschwander and he is still with us every Sunday to provide mass. Fr. Ricci has led us to this new adventure building our new parish building, blessing the groundbreaking and is always helping to provide to his parishioners.
    • The new church is set to have its dedication ceremony on June 20, 2021. This is such a great history from 1900 to today. May we all show our love and support for this wonderful opportunity for growth for young and old for many years to come. And we can all be excited to hear that original church bell ring again.

    I am looking forward to serving you as our Village President. My wife and I brought property on the lake 20 years ago and have lived here permanently for the past 14 years. I have served previously as a trustee on the Village Board and have seen much change and progress during that time, albeit not all without controversy. I envisage us continuing to build upon past success to make our community a place of pride for all. You, as a community member can help improve our community through volunteer effort. The Nebagamon Community Association (NCA) and the Nebagamon Lake Association are always looking for people to help with activities and projects. I encourage you to contact the community Association if you are interested in helping with the various activities they perform for our community, or the Lake Association if you are interested in helping to preserve the quality of our lake.
    Submitted by: Jim Jonasen

    MEMORIAL DAY~ We will be having the Memorial Day service at the cemetery, providing coffee and snacks as we join to pay tribute. Pastor Darryl Kyle will be providing his services and the Honor Guard will be due to arrive at approximately between 11am and Noon.VILLAGE WIDE RUMMAGE SALES~ Saturday June 19 is the date set for the Village Wide Rummage Sales. If you are interested on having your address on the map that will be available at Midland Station on Friday June 18, send $10 check to NCA, PO BOX 442, LAKE NEBAGAMON WI, 54849 or drop off at Patti’s Dockside with your location address. All checks and location addresses need to be turned in by Monday June 14.NCA SUMMER MEETINGS~ We are keeping our meetings at local businesses, to support them and to welcome anyone to come join in to help set up the upcoming events. If you have any interest, care to volunteer, just want to give some feedback on what you would like to see then please join us (President David Dinda~ Vice President Mike Ross ~ Secretary Lindsey Wilson~ Treasurer Patti Coughlin): Third Tuesday each Month May 18 June 15 July 20

    SUMMER CLEAN UP~ Helping clean up some areas in the Village and provide some fun times we are seeking volunteers now to help with some outdoor painting, staining and cleaning. Contact Patti @ 715-817-2643 or email if this is reaching out to you to show your talents and want to work as a team to show pride for our amazing community.

    MISSION STATEMENT: To welcome new businesses, community groups and citizens of Lake Nebagamon, Wi to participate in the promotion of the community. Our objective is to work together to inform Lake Nebagamon, Wi area of local news.

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