June 2021

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Trinity Lutheran Church
For 90 years, Trinity Lutheran Church in Lake Nebagamon has been proclaiming God’s love in Jesus Christ in our community. In 1931 the church was founded and met originally in the Presbyterian church. A building of their own soon followed on highway B extremely near where St Anthony’s now stands. In the late 1980’s a parcel of land was purchased on 1st street. 1990 saw the church construct a new building with the labor of members and people from the community. Expansions happened in 2000 and 2008. Again, the projects were done by members of the church and the community.

Trinity Lutheran is a vibrant part of Lake Nebagamon with worship, and service to our community and world. The congregation is a welcoming, active, and thriving community of faith in Lake Nebagamon and beyond.

As shown in photo, six years of hard work by the pastor and members of Trinity Church ended in 1939 when the first services were held in the church on County Trunk Highway B near Fitch Avenue.

Current View of Trinity Lutheran Church, 11416 E 1stStreet N

We are always looking for volunteers or those willing to come to meeting to keep our events alive.


Special thank you to those that came to gather on Memorial Day at the Lake Nebagamon cemetery. Pastor Kyle for his words and the honor guard for completing the ceremony.

NCA MEETINGS~ We are keeping our meetings at local businesses, to support them and to welcome anyone to come join in to help set up the upcoming events. If you have any interest, care to volunteer, just want to give some feedback on what you would like to see then please join us (President David Dinda~ Vice President Mike Ross ~ Secretary Lindsey Wilson~ Treasurer Patti Coughlin): Third Tuesday each Month July 20 August 17

July – First 4th of July celebration in town in 1899:
Freddy Anderson was the Uncle Sam of the 4th dressed in a suit of Stars and Stripes making him a veritable brother Jonathan. Our city presented a gala appearance on the fourth. Rows of evergreens flanked the streets. Added to this were flags and bunting in graceful folds from trees, cornices, and windows. Abouts 250 to 300 Superior people visited yesterday to help celebrate. They were warmly received and well entertained. A program of sports had been arranged but was not carried out. The entire afternoon was spent dancing, boating and sightseeing. A large body of school children and the volunteer fire force of about 75 men met the train and escorted the visitors to the place of amusement.

SUMMER CLEAN UP~ Helping clean up some areas in the Village and provide some fun times we are seeking volunteers now to help with some outdoor painting, staining, and cleaning. Contact Patti @ 715-817-2643 or email nebagamoncommunityassociation@gmail.com if this is reaching out to you to show your talents and want to work as a team to show pride for our amazing community.

MISSION STATEMENT: To welcome new businesses, community groups and citizens of Lake Nebagamon, Wi to participate in the promotion of the community. Our objective is to work together to inform Lake Nebagamon, WI area of local news.


DONATIONS: If you would like to donate paper so we may continue to have our newsletter contact the village office (715-374-3101) or Patti Coughlin at Dockside (715-374-2334). If you are interested in receiving an email copy of the newsletter monthly send request in email to: nebagamoncommunityassociation@gmail.com

Billy Harvey’s Brush Dump is Open!

In order to allow village residents to appropriately handle yard debris the Village Board has renewed the agreement with Billy Harvey. The brush dump will be open for Lake Nebagamon residents until May of 2022. This is for vegetative debris ONLY.

7950 S County Road S Turn up the hill by the old Budweiser truck For more information, call Billy Harvey at 715-817-0249.

Book on over to Shade for a meet and greet, book readings and signings with two local authors. Ana Ban, author of the Parker Grey and Gifted series, will be here from 11-1. Ellison Clark, author of “With You”, will be here from 2-4. We will have drawings for prizes, giveaways, and a bookstack make and take throughout the day for $5.00. See you there!

Thank you to the local business’ here that support and help the NCA with printing expenses for our monthly newsletter. Please support our community.